Saturday, May 5, 2012

Random Post: Surprise Trip to the Georgia Aquarium

My first time at the Aquarium, very fun. We did a 'Behind The Screens Tour' so we got to see how they feed the fishes. :) 
Warning: Lots of Pictures. 

Good Times !!

World Natural Hair Show

I went to the World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta GA recently, and I had a wonderful time meeting so many great people, and YouTube celebrities :) 

I wasn't a fan of the long line to get in or all of the product pushing. The best advice I have is, when you go to these things, have a clear understanding of what you want to buy, and what you really need or else all the money in your wallet will be gone by the end of the night. Everyone is going to try and sell you their product, and it's so amazing to me how many of these people don't really have knowledge of natural hair, outside of whatever product they are telling to sell you. 

Knowledge is definitely a major factor when it comes to natural hair, because you may find yourself going in cycles and listening to people telling you about what they think is best for YOUR HAIR. You don't need to spend a lot of money to be natural. There's no magic product that will make your hair look like that girl's hair. Work with what you have. :) 

P.S some of these pics are not coming out clear, not sure why :( 

Another Favorite: Her Channel 

One of my favorite natural girls on YouTube: Her Channel
So Much Product

Deep Conditioner

Banana Hair Smoothie & My Hair Steamer 

My new favorite thing!! Please do NOT waste your money on deep conditioners 

anymore. I tired this smoothie for the first time yesterday, and I promise it gave the 

same results as me buying a brand name $$$ deep conditioner. It is so simple to make 

and it has all the wonderful benefits your hair needs to be awesome!!! 

Recipe to Awesomeness: Sorry I forgot to take pictures of me making it :( 


1 or 2(depending on if you like protein) Egg*

Tsp: Honey (For shiny hair, and moisturized hair

Tsp: Jojoba oilGrapeseed oil (very inexpensive and beneficial at the same time), 

Peppermint oil(stimulates hair growth), Castor oil, and Vitamin E oil.  

Blend ( I recommend a hand blender) 

- Wasn't that simple :)

* Note: Do not wash your hair with extremely hot water, the egg will cook in your hair. 0_0

* Put a plastic cap on for 15mins or sit under a hair streamer. 

Here are some great pictures of my hair. I can honestly tell you that my hair has never 

had so much definition from a deep conditioner.