Saturday, May 5, 2012

Deep Conditioner

Banana Hair Smoothie & My Hair Steamer 

My new favorite thing!! Please do NOT waste your money on deep conditioners 

anymore. I tired this smoothie for the first time yesterday, and I promise it gave the 

same results as me buying a brand name $$$ deep conditioner. It is so simple to make 

and it has all the wonderful benefits your hair needs to be awesome!!! 

Recipe to Awesomeness: Sorry I forgot to take pictures of me making it :( 


1 or 2(depending on if you like protein) Egg*

Tsp: Honey (For shiny hair, and moisturized hair

Tsp: Jojoba oilGrapeseed oil (very inexpensive and beneficial at the same time), 

Peppermint oil(stimulates hair growth), Castor oil, and Vitamin E oil.  

Blend ( I recommend a hand blender) 

- Wasn't that simple :)

* Note: Do not wash your hair with extremely hot water, the egg will cook in your hair. 0_0

* Put a plastic cap on for 15mins or sit under a hair streamer. 

Here are some great pictures of my hair. I can honestly tell you that my hair has never 

had so much definition from a deep conditioner. 


  1. Wow that smoothie seems legit, where do you find vitamin e oil?

  2. I bought mine from a natural store in the mall, you can probably find some at gnc, whole foods, or amazon. I am all about saving money, so if you don't have any of these oils, you can always use olive oil or other natural oils.

  3. Here I am again, but the results really look good. I think I'm lacking something because it does not come out the same way for me

    1. Hey! These pics, even the last one, I still have the conditioner in my hair. You may just have a different curl pattern. Also, a key step I may have forgot to mention. Use a spray bottle filled with water before you use this conditioner or shampoo your hair first. You don't want to put the conditioner on completely dry hair.

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