Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Re-Grouping After a Major Hair Set Back: What You Will Need

Have you ever suffered from heat damage, breakage, or "protective" styling gone wrong? Well you came to the right place.

What You Will Need:

1. Some Patience
2. A Clear Mind
3. Optimistic Thinking

Now for Products:
1. Peppermint Oil, I can not STRESS this enough.  If you want to grow your hair back, peppermint oil stimulates hair growth, more than any other oil I have experimented with.

2. Spray bottle. You will need plenty of water to help new stronger hair grow. If you don't get anything else, mix your peppermint oil(5-10 drops) in a spray bottle with water. You will feel a major difference.

3. Castor Oil. This will help with thickness, or at least be a great sealant for your hair. Never forget to add water first.

4. Shea, easy, effective.

5. Glycerin mixed with Water...(not to be used with dry weather)

In Other News: My first light Blowout since I started my journey, I didn't want a completely straighten look, it was just so the person doing my hair wouldn't curse me out. Plus I didn't want heat damage.


  1. You have to be real careful with the peppermint oil though. It works best taken in small doses. I was so excited to see how it worked in my hair I got too greedy and it caused a major set back in my hair progress. I've recovered, but I'm so scared of it now, I use it very occasionally now

    1. Oh No! How did you use the peppermint oil, did you mix it with water? Essential oils can be dangerous if you don't dilute them with water and a carrier oil.

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