Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Good The Bad The Ugly

Transitioning to Natural Hair!!!
It's not an easy task to change your physical apperenace.   Especially if you have been use to a certain look all your life.  A lot of people around you may not support your decision to go natural, mainly because they have never been exposed to people who knew how to do it right.   All that has changed now thanks to the new natural movement. There is defiantly more support everywhere you turn.   Maybe you are reading this because you don't want to do a big chop, neither did I ! Until I did more research I wasn't aware that there were other options.  I thought when you decide to go natural you just cut off your hair and rock short hair do's.   Short hair do's not for you? Then maybe you should consider long term transtioning.  I am here to share my experiences and mistakes with you all.  Please comment and stay posted on new post coming soon.   You can long term transition the right way. 

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