Sunday, April 1, 2012

When my hair was Relaxed

I didn't have any serious issues with my relaxed hair.  It just wasn't full enough for me.  To me it seemed healthly considering the fact that I never knew how to take care of my hair.  I wore weaves 100% of the time, and only saw my hair when it was time to get a new perm.  Also the way my hair was getting relaxed was very damaging, which would explain the reason why I thought my hair wasn't full enough... I was losing to much hair during the process. Ever time I got a perm, I would put the perm on ALL of my hair, not just the root like you are suppose to, thinking that's how you get it bone straight.   It was when I had my first Dominican blow out(2nc pic), when I realized my hair was way to thin.  I wanted the fullness of natural hair. 

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